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Scriptwriting & Storyboard

One written page of script equates to approximately one minute of screen time. But you shouldn’t have to come up with a video idea on your own. We have professional scriptwriters and copywriters on our team who will generate ideas, then write a formalized script for $50/page. After the script is written, we’ll show you how it will be taken from script to screen with a storyboard for $100/page of boards. During this stage, you will also receive a project timeline outlining deliverable dates.


Pre - Production

Once the script and storyboard are complete, pre-production begins and is inclusive of a variety of tasks such as location scouting, securing permits, casting on-screen and/or voiceover talent, designing the graphics package, assembling the crew for production, and prepping gear to name a few. Don’t worry - we’ll handle all of it and you won’t even notice! Our Lead Producer has worked with clients like Facebook, Bluprint, NBC Universal, and Scaled Agile for $750/day. The number of pre-production days for each project vary and are dependent on scope.



Lights, Camera, Action! You can learn more about each of our crew member rates here.


Post - Production

You’ll get to see a rough cut to provide feedback for what we call a ‘fine cut’. The multiple rounds of revisions are meant to ensure we address all your notes and present you with a video that matches or exceeds your expectations. Once you’ve received the final cut, we can help you upload it to your channels or send it to broadcast. You can learn more about our post-production rates here.


Marketing & Distribution

Not sure how to get your video in front of the right audiences to really make an impact and drive traffic to your product or services? We want nothing more than to guarantee people see what we’ve all worked for hard on! That’s why we are a full-service agency and provide marketing and distribution strategy to help you succeed. Our marketing services vary, so take a look at our rates - COMING SOON.

Our Terms

Work on your project commences when the signed contract and downpayment have been received. We do not make any exceptions to this policy. Standard video editing, sound mixing, and color correction is delivered in two weeks; additional post services, such as motion graphics or animation will extend the deliverable date.