Elsewhere (Feature Film, Science Fiction)

In this female-led, LGBTQ feature-length science fiction film, a young woman goes missing while snowshoeing with friends. After a series of snowy days, she is miraculously found and nursed back to health by a reclusive older woman with a troubled past. When she refuses to leave the old woman’s cabin, the two form an unlikely bond that will challenge the ways they live in this world. Principle Photography: February 2019.

Written & Directed by Olivia J. Carmel
DP: Zach Gutierrez; Starring Jeni Reed


Windows (Feature Film, Drama)

Saya can’t sleep. The more she assimilates to American culture, the more the relationship with her asylum-seeking parents worsens. Unable to enroll in her college courses due to her status as an immigrant, she begins wandering the city in search of relief. She finds comfort in observing other people’s lives through their windows at night. When Saya is discovered by a homeowner, the chance encounter stirs up tucked-away memories the two must face if they ever hope to truly rest. Currently in Pre-Production.

Written by Olivia J. Carmel
Concept Photo: found online

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 1.04.31 PM.png

PULL (Short Film, Animation)

PULL tells the story of a young girl experiencing the on-set of trichotillomania, an under-researched compulsive disorder characterized by the urge to pull out your own hair. This is the most personal story the writer has ever told on-screen for she, too, suffers from trichotillomania (known as ‘trich’ for short). Rough Animation is Complete; In Progress.

Written by Olivia J. Carmel
Animated by Julie Reiters