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Missing Night (Feature Film, DOcumentary)

1 in 3 women are sexually assaulted in their lifetime, but how many are drug-facilitated assaults? This documentary seeks to wade through these murky, under-reported crimes to find the answer. We take a look at expert and first-hand accounts including that of documentarian, Mike Tolliver who ingests a date rape drug on-camera with results that surprise even the most experienced in research on the topic. Currently in Production.

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UnPlanned (Feature Film, Documentary)

On November 27, 2015, Robert Lewis Dear, Jr. stormed into the Colorado Springs’ Planned Parenthood center. He didn’t stop terrorizing the medical staff and clients for over five hours leaving three dead and nine injured.

This documentary takes a look at the lack of safety planning by Planned Parenthood leadership despite high-level warnings two months prior to the November shooting. If the organization’s leadership is unable to protect the people on the front-lines who provide their already limited abortion services, how will they be able to win the battle being waged against reproductive rights? Currently in Pre-Production.

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The Little Dentist (Documentary, Short film)

The Little Dentist is a short documentary about Samuel, a survivor of the deadly internment camp, Auschwitz. Samuel survived the Holocaust by revealing to the Nazis that he had an apprenticeship with a dentist before the war. At age 13, he became the camp’s sole dentist. Currently in Post-Production.